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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $8,250.00
Total Raised: $8,383.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 45
Members Recruited: 48

Join our team and help us support the cause! This is part of the 2016 team. Let's make this year's team even bigger!!

Lung Cancer is NOT an old person's smoking disease. I personally know of a 30 year young man who died from lung cancer last December and a lovely 36 year young mother of two who died in January. Neither of them ever smoked and both died less than two years after being diagnosed with lung cancer.
Lung cancer is the most underfunded cancer due to the stigma that has been attached to it from all of the anti smoking campaigns over the years. It's time to end the stigma. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer! One in 15 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime. Most lung cancer isn't detected until it has spread which reduces the 5 year survial rate to only 4%. Please donate for the research that needs to be done to detect lung cancer early and cure it once it's detected.
Thank you for supporting the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina! As the state’s leading non-profit organization supporting lung cancer research and education, Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina specializes in connecting patients, survivors and loved ones with the medical and research community. The Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina’s mission is to decrease deaths and provide support to those affected by lung cancer through research, awareness, education and access programs across North Carolina.

We look forward to seeing you on May 20, 2017 at Park Road Park!

Team Members:
Total Raised$8,383.00  
General Team Donation$90.00  
Doris Castevens$4,050.00  
   Scott Brewer$30.00  
   David Brown$30.00  
   David Castevens$30.00  
   Joe Castevens$30.00  
   Jim Cook$30.00  
   Lois Cook$30.00  
   joanne corbett$80.00  
   Milly Cort$30.00  
   Deborah Craig$30.00  
   Jim Early$30.00  
   Caroline Flowers$30.00  
   Christie Flowers$30.00  
   James Flowers$30.00  
   Wes Flowers$30.00  
   Joe Garrick$30.00  
   Liz Garrick$30.00  
   Joy Gussman$910.00  
   Phillip Gussman$80.00  
   Marcy Hanning$30.00  
   Tracy Hewett$30.00  
   Gregg Hill$180.00  
   Jo Ellen Hill$180.00  
   Andy Houston$30.00  
   Melissa Houston$30.00  
   Hal Ivey$130.00  
   Andrew Kavulic$30.00  
   Will Lovelett$30.00  
   Mike Mason$1,433.00  
   Elizabeth Millsaps$30.00  
   Adam Montgomery$30.00  
   Erin Montgomery$30.00  
   Jennifer Muckley$30.00  
   Donna Norgaard$30.00  
   Katy Nystrom$30.00  
   Genevieve Piche$30.00  
   Joe Price$30.00  
   Tyler Riggins$30.00  
   Charlie Salzer$30.00  
   Genevieve Salzer$50.00  
   Nanci Salzer$30.00  
   Caitlin Sellers$60.00  
   Greg Shackelford$30.00  
   Michael Tate$30.00  
   Dean Thompson$30.00  
   Sandy Townsend$30.00  
   Meredith Trusty$30.00  
   Jacquelyn Wells$30.00  

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